Debt Collection Process: Phone Calls vs. Emails

We already talked about 5 ways to get your not paying customer on the phone and tips on how to collect commercial debt, so, today let’s talk about difference in means of communications for debt collection.

Today, a list of communication means includes a lot of strategies. People call each other, send text messages and emails, use video calls and enjoy other advancements in technology. Individuals have their own preferences about their most comfortable way of dealing with others. The issue of choosing one becomes particularly important when it comes to dealing with debtors. It can be a good strategy to ask your debtor about the way he prefers. This trick helps the debtor keep in touch with you in the way he finds easiest.

Emails vs phone calls in debt collection

Creditors generally start talking about overdue payments via email. They simply send an invoice and continue to discuss it via email. Using email is definitely more comfortable psychologically as it does not involve direct confrontation. However, this fact can be the reason of a delay, because the pressure is much less in this case. Emails are often lost among tons of other letters; people sometimes read them at the end of the day when they simply have some free time to use a computer; it is quite probable that your email if it is supposed to be forwarded to someone else who is responsible for the payment issue will not reach its addressee. This is the time to call.

Calling is the fastest and most effective way to collect money because it implies speaking directly with your interlocutor. It is easy to ignore black letters on a white background of your monitor, but it is much harder to pay no attention to the person talking to you over the phone. You can really succeed in debt collection talking over the phone if you prepare properly for this important conversation. Otherwise, after you hang up you will blame yourself for saying something you aren’t supposed to say, like, “Yeah, I see. Not a problem. Pay me when you can. I will wait”.

Do not hesitate to use both methods if using them separately does not bring the desired result. If you don’t get them on the phone, leave a voicemail, then send the email. If you email a customer and get no response, always call to follow up. If you see that the way of communication you have chosen is not working, we hope you will consider calling us. Alexander, Miller & Associates are experts at recovering your outstanding debts. We free you from the burden of calling and emailing and are ready to get all your money back.