Commercial Real Estate Debt Collection Services

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Do you have commercial accounts with past due rent or mortgage? If so, you’re not powerless.

At Alexander, Miller, & Associates, we help commercial real estate businesses collect on unpaid debts. We provide a full suite of investigative and collection services to help you get your hard-earned money.

By utilizing proven pre-litigation collection strategies and working around the clock, we take immediate action to help our clients recover their debts. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or if you’d like to learn more about how we can help you get paid.

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When Should You Seek Commercial Real Estate Debt Collection Services?

Understandably, some businesses fall behind on their bills. We sympathize with that, and we know you’ll still want to maintain an amicable and professional relationship with clients who have fallen on hard times. However, real estate debt can be intimidating to those who aren’t well-versed in this arena due to large sums of money and complicated laws.

Of course, it’s best to help your clients avoid real estate debt collection services from the get-go. That’s why it’s crucial to send follow-up notices after a payment is missed. If your client’s debt begins to snowball, it becomes increasingly difficult to recoup the money you’re owed.

However, negligent or struggling companies still may not respond or make their payment. So before you spend valuable time chasing down debtors yourself, consider requesting the services of a reputable commercial collection agency. Our team of debt collection specialists has a stellar record of securing past-due payments for our clients. Now, we’re ready to put our knowledge, strategies, and 60 years of combined experience to work for your company.

We’re the Solution to Your Commercial Real Estate Debt Collection Woes

Alexander, Miller & Associates is prepared to take on claims of any size. We utilize cutting-edge technologies and a network of private investigators to quickly and thoroughly research your case. This can include gathering on-site photos, conducting employee interviews, and other actions that’ll help urge debtors to prioritize their payment.

How do we know our tactics work? The evidence is in our past results. Alexander, Miller & Associates is proud to have one of the highest recovery ratios in the commercial real estate debt collection industry.

After more than a decade as one of Houston’s leading collection agencies, we’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Additionally, our client testimonials authenticate our track record for success and our dedication to professionalism. And just to reassure you that your claim is among our top priorities, we’ll provide you with verbal status updates anytime you ask. Plus, we’ll submit an in-depth monthly report to you so you’ll never feel out of the loop.

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HWe Make Commercial Real Estate Debt Collection a Painless Process

No business wants one of its accounts to end up in collections. Unfortunately, this will happen occasionally, and these proceedings can lead to strained business relationships if they are improperly handled. However, that doesn’t mean you have to become the bad guy.

Thankfully, you can rest easy knowing our team at Alexander, Miller & Associates practices virtuous ethics and always abides by Texas’ debt collections laws. After all, we know your reputation, as well as our own, is on the line.

We’ve built trust throughout Houston and the surrounding areas by delivering excellent results promptly. In addition, we’ve set ourselves apart from other Houston collection agencies by maximizing our numerous resources. Alexander, Miller & Associates staff collectors and investigators with specialized expertise across various commercial industries.

Why Choose Alexander, Miller & Associates?

It’s essential to hire the right firm to recoup your lost funds. That’s why we offer a wealth of benefits to help assure you that we’ll be your perfect match. For example, you’ll never have to sign a long-term contract with Alexander, Miller & Associates, and you’ll always have 24/7 access to your account. That means you’ll be given full transparency to how we’re handling your case, and we’ll work with you in every way possible to ensure that we keep your business.

At Alexander, Miller & Associates, we’re so confident in our ability to recover your money that we feature a “No Cost, No Collect” service. So, you can rest assured that you won’t have to pay us a contingency rate unless we come through for you.

So don’t wait any longer to contact us to review your case. Our commercial real estate debt collection team is standing by to assist you. So call us today, or submit your claim online to get on the fast track to recovering your money.

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