Top Ten Reasons To Use Us

When looking for a collection company there are many things to consider, and compare. Alexander, Miller & Associates makes sure that the best tactics and strategies are used to collect your debts, and a process that makes business easier on you. Here are the top 10 reasons to choose AMA over other commercial collection agencies.

1. No Contracts

There are no long term contracts to sign.

2. 24/7 Account Access

Our clients are able to log in through the Internet and review their accounts placed in real time.

3. Complete Investigations

We perform complete asset and liability investigations on debtor companies through an internal network of private investigators and fraud examiners and various resource databases.

4. Extended Resources

We have a network of investigators who will provide face to face visits to debtor companies when needed.

5. Flexible Collection Efforts

We tailor our collection program according to your needs. We can vary the intensity of our collection efforts from arbitration to litigation.

6. Highest Recovery Ratios

We have one of the highest recovery ratios in the industry.

7. Status Updates

We provide verbal status reports upon request. We provide written status reports once a month.

8. Contingency Based

We offer contingency based recovery programs to meet your needs.

9. Financial and Management Services

We increase client cash flow through a range of related financial and management services.

10. Nationwide Attorneys

We provide a nationwide network of attorneys, all of whom are members of the Commercial Law League of America.

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