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This agreement shall remain in effect until Client submits express written notice to Agency. Agency shall conduct its collection activities in accordance with all applicable regulations and laws. Agency holds client harmless from any claims arising from the collection activities of Agency. Client represents that all accounts placed with Agency are legally due and owing will provide documentation if requested. Client shall pay Agency a fee of
% of all monies collected on accounts.

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We hereby grant power of attorney to the above account(s) to Alexander, Miller & Associates. We authorize Alexander, Miller & Associates to collect the amounts owing, any additional interest and collections fees that are due us as legal and just. Commission will be charged on any funds collected; paid directly to client or settled by negotiations or return of merchandise. A cancellation fee will be charged on any account that is inappropriately cancelled or due to interference from client once Alexander, Miller & Associates has been retained. Cancellation fee will be full fee due or 15% of balance. Waiver of cancellation fees will be based upon just cause; our corporate attorneys will review any discrepancies. In event litigation deems necessary, unless Harris County, Houston, Texas we direct and authorize you, as our attorney in fact, to send the above accounts) to an attorney, designed by us, in the county of Debtor, and whose name appears in the Columbia Law List Publication, according to prevailing rates in the county. We authorize you, as our attorney in fact, to accept payments, endorse checks, notes, money orders, or bank drafts for deposit; the net proceeds for which you are to submit to us. Special authorization is required to file suit, compromise, or to grant extensions. For contractual issues, all jurisdiction vests Harris County, Houston, Texas. Agency's remittance to client shall be processed the week of the 15th of each month for all funds received and cleared through the banking system by the first of the previous month minus agency's fees.