Debt Collections Process

How We Work

Alexander, Miller & Associates being a premier collection agency has experienced many types of cases and there are many variables we are confronted with. Every case is unique and has to be handled differently. We have a basic set of steps we follow, but it is always supplemented with proprietary tactics.

Step 1.

When an overdue account is placed with Alexander, Miller & Associates it is assigned to an in house agent that runs a preliminary investigation to identify debtor company officers, revenue, outstanding liens, open or previous lawsuits and existing creditors. We utilize state of the art commercial collection agency technology and industry contacts to compile this information quickly.

Step 2.

Once the preliminary information is gathered, it is assigned to a collector who makes first contact with the debtor on the phone. If a resolution is possible, we will make arrangements for payment.

Step 3.

Alexander Miller & Associates collections process

If the first phone call does not result in a payment or arrangement, a demand letter will be drafted by our legal department and sent to the debtor. A collection agency's legal department should be utilized mainly to apply pressure, not only for lawsuits.

Step 4.

Once the certified demand letter is received the collector contacts the debtor again. It is common that the debt is resolved at this point. Sometimes it takes additional pressure of a legal department to assist a collection agency in making the client priority.

Step 5.

If the debt remains unpaid at this point, It continues to be worked by a collector in an attempt to gather additional information. The debtor’s creditors are contacted in an effort to gather info and strengthen our case. Progress is monitored by our legal department in case a lawsuit is necessary. We utilize the strength of The Commercial Law League to obtain a trial attorney, if approved by client.

Step 6.

Once the debt is paid, the funds are deposited, where they remain until a remittance check is sent to the client.

Our sixty years of combined industry experience has given us the insight and approach that ensures that no stone is left unturned. This type of tenacity is what our clients value and makes us their go to collection agency when strength is needed.

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