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Alexander, Miller & Associates values its clients

Over the years Alexander, Miller & Associates have had the pleasure to work with many clients, here is what some of them had to say about our company, and our service.

Alexander Miller & Associates prides themselves on offering World Class Customer Service. It is policy to keep the client in the loop from placement to remittance. Our procedures ensure that no stone is left unturned and no dollar is left on the table. We welcome you to submit your testimonial. This gives us a clearer picture as to what we can do in order to offer our clients a beneficial customer centric experience. You can submit a testimonial to Feel free to read our testimonials below.

"My company had dealt with collection agencies for years. After never truly being satisfied and attempting to understand their hundreds of empty promises, I was contacted by you, Alexander, Miller & Associates who has delivered. Thank you, for taking all my delinquent commercial accounts and collecting the majority. I will recommend AMA Firm to anyone who needs commercial collections assistance."

- Clint Warner
Business Owner, Construction Supply

"I had an ongoing business relationship with a collection agency for years. After receiving only nominal results, I decided to try out other commercial collection agencies. Alexander, Miller & Associates is by far the most successful collection agency and now is handling all my delinquent commercial accounts when they are put into collections."

- Kelly Cole
Credit Manager, Trucking and Transportation

"After utilizing Alexander, Miller & Associates I only had to write off less than half of what I projected at the end of the year. They have taken all my commercial collection accounts and have been successful beyond my expectations. I will continue sending them all my past due collections."

- Sue Holt
Business Owner, Drywall Wholesaler

"I am a long standing client of Alexander, Miller & Associates. They are always available to help and every phone call is returned right away. I would recommend them to any company that needs commercial collections assistance."

- Sharon Walker
Head of Finance, Fortune 500 Trucking Company

"I have been dealing with Alexander, Miller & Associates for about two years now. I am getting better results and service than I have had from any collection agency. They collect my commercial accounts without all the hassle. They have made me reevaluate the way I feel about commercial collection agencies."

- Anthony Burns
CEO, Heavy Equipment Rental

"Their integrity is inspiring. Alexander, Miller & Associates does not make empty promises that are so common with commercial collections agencies. I am confident that my headache commercial accounts are in good hands, finally."

- Kristen Rues
President, Seafood Wholesaler

"I have always been very careful when outsourcing my commercial collections accounts. Alexander, Miller & Associates was recommended by a business contact of mine. They have outperformed all other commercial collection agencies that I have used. They are definitely a top notch organization."

- Ralph Lopez
President, Restaurant Supply

"Dealing with 3rd party collection agencies in the past has always been like pulling teeth, pushy salespeople and lots of excuses. Alexander, Miller & Associates has handled all my delinquent accounts with outstanding results. Having them take care of my commercial accounts is one less thing for me to worry about."

- Claire Benson
Controller, Manufacturing supply

"I’ve been using Alexander, Miller & Associates for years on my commercial collections. They have a great success rate and are easy to work with. I recommend them to whoever needs help with their commercial collections. Great Service!!!"

- Al Goldman
Business Owner, Wholesale Jeweler

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