Business Debt Recovery

Unless your business is a charity organization operating on a financial reserve funded by investors, you spend the majority of your waking hours working every day to be paid for your services and product offerings. Whether operating a well-established business or starting the business of your dreams, the business plan evolved from basic principles of expectation.

  • What kind of clients can I expect?
  • What level of service expectation am I marketing?
  • What do I expect out of my employees?
  • How is the company expected to operate?
  • What is my expectation for payment when a service or product is rendered?
  • What is my expectation from businesses I depend on for my business?

Becoming a debt collector/creditor is not usually a career expectation most entrepreneurs and business owners aspire to in the pursuit of their passions.

When expectations are not met, the business suffers. Successful businesses set and communicate expectations. Specifically, businesses operate for and expect profits. When funds or goods are owed to you by another business, your business reputation as well as your financial needs can be on the line.

Preserving your business’s integrity is the expectation we hold ourselves to while actively pursuing your debtors. Our approach to collecting debt on your behalf is customized to the needs of your business. We work diligently in our collection efforts to help you maintain your existing business and personal relationships as well as honor your footprint in the industry sector.

Our commercial collection services are specialized in collecting debts owed to you by another business. Commercial debt is comprised of funds, supplies, or services another money-making venture or business owes you.

In a utopian society, the expectation for completion of a contract made for goods and/or services occurs when all parties to an agreement have satisfied their individual commitment as defined by the transaction.

Here in the real world, business transactions usually occur as follows:

The business providing the goods and/or services issues an invoice to the receiving party (client) detailing payment terms for agreed upon compensation. Once the client has received the goods and/or services described in the arrangement as well as the invoice from the provider/business, compensation is owed for the completion of the agreement. The provider has now also become, due to no fault of their own and by virtue of the contract, a creditor with the responsibility to collect what someone else agreed to pay them for their goods and/or services.

What may seem to be a simple dispute over fees or payment can turn into a business owner’s worst nightmare.

  • Assuming the client has not changed their billing address, the business owner must notify the client of the delinquent payment.
  • Huge amounts of time are spent trying to get in touch with the correct person to discuss possible payment options, if the client agrees to pay.
  • Often, clients known to pay late or dispute invoices will require the business to resend already delinquent requests for payment in an attempt to delay an already delayed process.
  • The business owner, due to no fault of his own, is continuously put into the exhausting position of balancing their financial needs with their ability to maintain their professional integrity due to unnecessary frustration.

Unless you are in the business of debt recovery, the process of recouping funds owed, due to non-payment or even someone else’s poor business decisions, ends up costing exponentially more than what was owed in the first place, financially.

Let us help you with your commercial collections.

  • Does your business do business with other businesses by offering goods and/or services?
  • Have you paid a supplier for parts and/or services that you have not received?
  • Do you have receivables that are aged past 45 days?
  • Do you have to write off debt that is uncollected and unpaid?
  • Do you have clients who constantly dispute every invoice from your business?
  • Do you have contracts with clients who reject your calls and refuse to pay?
  • Has your accounts receivable exhausted all avenues of contact with clients who are withholding payment for services and/or goods you have provided?

At Alexander Miller and Associates, we strive to meet your expectations for your commercial debt recovery needs by:

  • Openly discuss solutions specific to your commercial debt collection needs including advising of the various customized resolutions available.
  • Transparency and honesty to ensure you are thoroughly aware of the complexity of any problem and involved directly with its solution and satisfied with the outcome.
  • Provide clear timelines and updates on the collection progress as needed.
  • Our commercial debt collectors are licensed and bonded.

“Business is business” is a great train of thought, and philosophy for every business owner. Flexibility in how business is handled as well as how business transactions are conducted is the “new normal” and continuing trend for the future. Fortunately, money is still money, and Alexander Miller and Associates strives to provide a solid, financial, structured, support system all business owners can depend on for their commercial debt collection needs.

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