Organization and Structure

Alexander, Miller & Associates is a diverse financial institution that specializes in fast track commercial debt recovery and on-site investigations. We offer a wide array of various collection methods that assist you in getting paid prior to filing unneeded, lengthy and costly lawsuits. Our mission is to exceed your expectations by maximizing recovery of delinquent receivables while constantly improving our quality of service and maintaining a level of integrity and professionalism that has set the standard in our industry.

Strength when you need it

In today's uncertain economy prompt and effective collections on past due receivables is vital to your company's growth and success. Through our network of certified fraud examiners, licensed private investigators and experienced trained commercial collection professionals. Alexander, Miller & Associates has become one of the leading commercial debt recovery agencies in North America. With over 60 combined years experience in the industry Alexander, Miller & Associates is committed to high standards, state of the art technology and the most cutting edge software enabling us to maximize recovery and increase revenue by freeing up your internal resources allowing you to focus on your primary source of business.We realize that every business is unique and we take that same unique approach to tailor make a strategy that will fit each client's collection needs.


Alexander, Miller & Associates corporate location is in Houston, Texas. We also have an international network of private investigators and certified fraud examiners in every city when needed. In addition to providing a nationwide network of attorneys, all of whom are endorsed by The Commercial Law League.

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Strategic Relationships

Alexander, Miller & Associates subcontracts all on-site investigations to The American Securities Bureau whom provide detailed investigations and face-to-face contact when needed. Alexander, Miller & Associates has a member of the Commercial Law League of America on staff, we are an A rated business with the Better Business Bureau a Member of the Texas Commercial Collection Agency Association and a Member of the United States Association of Accredited Businesses. We also carry a payment performance bond through Surety1.

Quality Program

The strategy and procedures used by Alexander, Miller & Associates are all centered around our financial investigation process. Our Approach is planned and tailor made accordingly to the debtors ability to pay and current business relationship with our client. It is our main objective to secure payment while properly representing the client and helping rebuild rapport with the debtor company resulting in an arrangement that is conducive for recurring and ongoing future business.

Performance Standards Methodology

The Performance Standards Methodology used by Alexander, Miller & Associates encompasses the three “R's” of collections. Recovery, Reporting and Remittance. We have mastered these standards and are the basis of our core structure and values. Each phase builds upon the prior phases to develop the standards that will be used to meet overall operational goals. The methodology begins with defining the structure, philosophy, and objectives of the standards and continues with standard definition. The methodology concludes with the development of a rollout plan for the standards to ensure sustainable results. Alexander, Miller & Associates offers complete transparency. Very few other agencies can say this. We monitor our customer satisfaction through our BBB rating our membership with the United States Association of Accredited Business and the Texas Association of Commercial collections. We send our clients you a fully computerized report on any or all claims at any given time, but not less than on a quarterly basis. This report must contain all information needed by you to analyze our effectiveness.


Alexander, Miller & Associates has invested in the most advanced, cutting edge software and tools to make sure no stone is left unturned. Our digital forensic and online investigators are continually trained to ensure we are taking full advantage of this constantly evolving resource. Shortly after placement the account is forwarded to one of our front-line investigators for a full financial profile.

We offer assistance through receivables management or creative financing through various lending institutions when available on assets or refinancing if possible. If the debtor is unresponsive and is unable to work out a voluntary resolution than we will communicate back with you our client and with your approval we will adjust our approach.

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