Commercial Collections Services

Alexander Miller & Associates has unparalleled expertise in the arena of recovering large, past due balances from commercial accounts. Whether you’re owed money by a business, LLC, or corporation, our dedicated commercial collections services team will work alongside you to recover the funds that you deserve.

We’ve ditched old, ineffective collections techniques in favor of cutting edge technology and investigative practices. This allows us to recover funds in a way that is both ethical and effective. This is just a small part of why we’re known as one of the #1 commercial collection agencies in Houston, according to charts put together by 3rd parties.

Why Choose Alexander Miller & Associates?

Houston serves as one of the largest hubs for commercial collection services in the country, which has given us access to some of the most qualified collections experts in the industry. We require all of our agents to have at least 4 years of proven collections experience before they are considered for employment.

We take our expertise further than most by putting together teams of commercial collections experts that specialize in specific subgroups of commercial collections, each given a specifically tailored approach to work toward maximum efficiency and speedy results.

We have collectors and investigators specializing in:

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No Stone Left Unturned

We prioritize engaging in ethical collections practices, but that doesn’t mean compromising. Our commercial collections services and team of experts are tenacious and effective, ensuring that every possible avenue for debt recovery has received the proper amount of attention.

Modern collection technology gives our experts access to collection avenues that weren’t previously available, and our staff knows how to use these modern collection tactics to get the results that you need to stay afloat and continue on with keeping your own company running smoothly and efficiently.

How We Get Great Results

When letters and phone calls don’t work, you need commercial collections services that take it a step further. No one wants to be the “bad guy”, but when large amounts of money are owed, additional pressure is sometimes needed to get our clients what they’re owed.

We work directly with a network of private investigators that are familiar with the ins and outs of the legalities surrounding commercial collections services.

Our investigators use a variety of proven techniques that extend far beyond what traditional collection agencies are capable of offering… they don’t just attempt to collect from afar, they hit the pavement and interact with the companies that owe you directly.

They achieve this through employee interviews, gathering photos of assets, among other things to capture the attention of the business owner to instill a sense of urgency and to get them to understand that paying their debt should take priority.

Expert Legal Department

At Alexander Miller & Associates, we do things the right way and employ a team of legal experts to ensure that there are minimal hassles and setbacks while we’re working towards securing your funds. Our legal department works with the rest of our collections team to handle demand letters, provide legal guidance, and to utilize The Commercial Law League in the event that it is deemed a Lawsuit is necessary.

Give Your Collection Efforts the Leverage They Need

We work not only with those in Houston, but with those looking to give their collection efforts a boost throughout the nation.

You can reach out to our team of experts about your case at any time through our convenient, online contact form, or by phone.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out some of our educational resources to learn more about the ins and outs of the collections process.

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