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Alexander Miller & Associates specializes in collecting large balance accounts from businesses, LLCs and Corporations. We employ a group of collectors and investigators that practice the latest commercial collections techniques. All our agents have a minimum of 4 years experience in the commercial debt recovery industry. This combined experience, along with our motto and history, allowed us to become #1 in charts of Houston's top collections agencies.

Houston, being a hub for commercial collection agencies, gives us access to a large pool of the nation’s most talented collection professionals. Our industry specific collectors are versed in various languages and all aspects of the commercial collections field.

We have collectors and investigators specializing in:

AMA Firm collections agency deal in Houston

Alexander Miller & Associates utilizes the latest cutting edge software, tools, services, and networks in order to assure that no stone is left un-turned and this tenacity is what makes us a leader in the commercial collections field. Our legal department is put to use for demand letters, legal guidance and we draw from the strength of The Commercial Law League if a lawsuit in necessary.

When letters and phone calls and standard commercial collections tactics are not successful, we utilize a network of private investigators to go out, on-site and apply additional pressure. They generally will interview employees, snap pictures of applicable assets and generally just get the attention of the business owner and make our client a priority.

The use of these practices and internal procedures is what makes Alexander Miller & Associates the premier commercial collections agency in Houston and national arena. Contact our office and speak to one of our industry specific agents to bring your unresponsive customers to the table and get you paid today.

Alexander Miller & Associates utilizes the most advanced tools and techniques in order to give our clients leverage when dealing with delinquent receivables:

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