On Site Investigations

On Site Investigations

Through years of experience in commercial debt recovery, Alexander, Miller & Associates has acquired a plethora of resources and tools to help achieve results for our clients. Among these is our comprehensive and effective onsite investigation service.

Gathering information regarding a debtor's assets and financial situation are a crucial step in debt collection. We pride ourselves on assembling as much accurate data as possible, both quickly and efficiently so that we can continue smoothly with the collection process.

Our trained field representatives gain valuable information through steps such as:

  • Meeting with the debtor in person
  • Inspecting real estate at the debtor's location
  • Discovering and identifying personal property including vehicles, inventory, assets, and equipment
  • Calculating a value for property and real estate belonging to the debtor using tax information, market values, mortgages, titles, and other documents

We make every client's debt a priority and achieve our impressive results through persistence, all while maintaining the utmost professionalism. Our experience in the field of debt recovery and trained staff ensure that our tasks are completed within the confines of the law and there is no risk taken by ourselves or our clients. Through the use of private investigators, we can expertly make an assessment of each debtor's assets, giving us a strong foundation to pursue the debt that your business is owed.

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