Customer Assistance Program

Customer Assistance Program

While Alexander, Miller & Associates specializes in commercial debt recovery through persistence and tenacity, we recognize that a more delicate approach may be required in some situations when a valued client is involved.

Relationships are a crucial aspect of any business, and we understand the value of those alliances. When a long-term client becomes a “problem customer” through late payments, declined charges, or other ongoing concerns, we can step in. Through tactful negotiation and the utmost care, Alexander, Miller & Associates can rehabilitate a client to become more reliable and beneficial for your company.

Turn Problem Clients into Valued Assets

By acting as accounts receivable on behalf of your business, your client won’t be aware of our efforts, and we can approach this delicate issue with appropriate discretion.

Alexander Miller & Associates assists customers in collections

While customers with outstanding debts are a drain on any business’s resources, slow paying ones can also be costing your business. Whether your team is spending time tracking down late payments or unable to render your services most effectively, problem clients can cost big dollars. We believe that every problem client is an opportunity in disguise, and we want to yield profits for you rather than frustration.

During this rehabilitation process, our trained staff puts your relationship with your client first. Through years of debt recovery experience, we have developed trusted techniques for producing results while displaying boundless patience and impressive diplomacy.

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